240Z - RB26 Engine Conversion [PART 1]

2018 22 مارس
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Our Nissan FairladyZ S30 (240Z) has arrived from Japan but not everything is as it seems with our classic JDM coupe....

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  • No doubt many people will have an idea of how they think this should be done so the comments section will probably get hectic. Try and be calm with each other - there's enough negativity in the world already and we don't need to fill every comment section on youtube with vomit do we? On another note, with the news this week that MotorTrend is leaving the platform, a lot of people have been asking us - what is the future of MCM on IRcloud? Everything you need to know is right here: mightycarmods.com/blogs/news/who-is-going-to-pay-for-it

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    • 18:45 @ Mighty Car Mods Gday Mate ! , are you fans of The (mighty) Mark of Cain? Keep it going, you're one of the best and definetly most interesting car show you can watch these days! Thanks for that! Cheers from Germany

      Quentin LamprechtQuentin Lamprechtپیش سال
    • My brother did a rb20det conversion in a 260z and it was such a great car. I can only imagine what an rb26det would be like. Keep up the entertaining work guys.

      C ThornoC Thornoپیش 2 سال
    • Mighty Car Mods would you tell us the website you got it from?

      Rahul SRahul Sپیش 2 سال
    • God damn hippie! Take your peace loving socialism elsewhere!

      Wide Eyed PussyWide Eyed Pussyپیش 3 سال
    • Mighty Car Mods sets

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  • What song plays in the backrground?

    Alexander DiazAlexander Diazپیش 5 روز
  • That Nissan 240Z going be really fast with the Nissan GT-R Engine

    Tyrone StockTyrone Stockپیش 8 روز
  • RB: real beauty

    Hazy HazeHazy Hazeپیش 24 روز
  • the b in rb stands for blends

    off. limitoff. limitپیش ماه
  • Diesel goes boom, gas goes Bang.

    HandicapRacerHandicapRacerپیش ماه
  • @17:41 "In the bin"

    ReedyReedyپیش ماه
  • Awesome video - however - **** youtube unskippable adverts.

    Liam DeeneyLiam Deeneyپیش 2 ماه
  • Is this the engine from a r34

  • Oh wow this was 3 years ago huh. The 240Z series helped me out during a tough time, it'll always have a special place in my heart

    Boggesh ZahimBoggesh Zahimپیش 3 ماه
  • It would've been cool to AWD convert the 240Z, but wouldn't have lost almost all the purity

    Joshua SwartJoshua Swartپیش 4 ماه
  • Should have gone high revving RB26 ITB naturally aspirated as a homage to the L series goodness...

    D PD Pپیش 5 ماه
  • This thing deserves a haltech

    D PD Pپیش 5 ماه
  • What was the price of the car??

    D PD Pپیش 5 ماه
  • In german language RB and RD makes Perfect sense xD Reihenbenzinmotor Reihendieselmotor

    Gunar9000Gunar9000پیش 6 ماه
  • how do you find these sort of cars, whats the process for finding and shipping it.

    Jack ThorpeJack Thorpeپیش 7 ماه
  • Sad not to see turbo today in any 2020 video so revisiting this video.

    Shubhankar ChoudhariShubhankar Choudhariپیش 7 ماه
  • Audi Quattro. The car Yoda was trying to think of.

    EakcoTVEakcoTVپیش 7 ماه
  • What about sr20det in this fairlady?

    jasim NEjasim NEپیش 7 ماه
  • Why not a 2jz a supra engine

    Themis KrinosThemis Krinosپیش 8 ماه
  • Cobalt ss engine

    Dan GillDan Gillپیش 9 ماه
  • Why rb26 and not 2jz is the same engine but 2jz can hold big power

    The pro gamerThe pro gamerپیش 9 ماه
  • Whos actually planning this right now in your head with no money, garage, car, knowledge or motor?

    Joseph PJoseph Pپیش 10 ماه
  • What’s the song they use under time lapses like at 9:34 😭

    Just Another HumanJust Another Humanپیش 10 ماه
  • I aspire to be as skilled and as cool as Turbo Yoda.

    Andrew RossAndrew Rossپیش 10 ماه
  • 10:22 "Bring on the party, Martin!" or maybe even "Bring on the party Martin!" is one of the best: I don't even know what that means.

    Chris HenryChris Henryپیش سال
  • If it is based on "Bosch" maybe RB26 is in German "Reihen Bensin 26" or in English "Strait petrol 26" because it is a Strait 6 cilynder and the 26 is 2600cc.

    Pedro SilvaPedro Silvaپیش سال
  • Here I am, binging again...

    Roeland MeijerRoeland Meijerپیش سال
  • I just noticed something in the intro! @0'59" they talk about a MACAN GTS... We never saw it on the show

    Andrea MaccarioAndrea Maccarioپیش سال
  • I wish they painted the engine bay and interior of the car first to get rid of all those surface rust. Rust is not purity.

    RR 10RR 10پیش سال
  • Thats what we called "The Devil Z"..

    iTzMe _JiTzMe _Jپیش سال
  • Its a 240z ???? It has 280z taillights

    1 creepyz311 creepyz31پیش سال
  • Anyone know where to buy rb26's in Australia?

    DaniDaniپیش سال
  • When you say asbestos, your accent makes it sound like you're referring to a guy from Greece. "Asbestos, whyah did you eat all of the calimari!"

    Kermit StanbachKermit Stanbachپیش سال
  • this was my up next video and i was like "ohh don't mind if i do"

    krashdown102krashdown102پیش سال
  • Zeeee its called Zeeee you Aussies and this "Zed" stuff ;)

    Dean FirnatineDean Firnatineپیش سال
  • What happened to this car?

    The Ginger Power RangerThe Ginger Power Rangerپیش سال
  • It would have been cool if you guys had keept it AWD

    Josh SwartJosh Swartپیش سال
    • It would have been an absolute nightmare to do that. They would have to place the engine in a way that would line the front diff up with the front wheels, reengineer the axles, as well as majority of the system, and then they would need to run same size wheels/tires between front and back wheels (the RB AWD system can only spin front and back wheels at the same rate).

      BerserkFury89BerserkFury89پیش سال
  • Name of track on 18:35 ??

    Mohammad MasswadehMohammad Masswadehپیش سال
  • There's a lot of asbestos in Australia naturally

    Daniel KiruriDaniel Kiruriپیش سال
  • Nissan 240Z look awesome with the Nissan GT-R engine👍👍👍👍

    Tyrone Marty StockTyrone Marty Stockپیش سال
  • Such a goofy law! Asbestos made every product better! Now of coarse if it goes airborne of coarse it's dangerous But, if coated or sealed, painted, then it's completley safe! I wish that they would just seal asbestos avoiding its hazzards! Look at old linoleum flooring! It was tough as nails and lasted for ever where as newer stuff is so soft and just junk compared to the old stuff! I really feel that it made stuff better it just needs sealed! Look at brakes as well ! Ray bestos ! Again another product made better by the asbestos! I may very well be the only advocate for it but yeah!

    Eric McGinnisEric McGinnisپیش سال
  • So it never came to mind to have the engine and gearbox stripped down to parts and media blasted clean in Japan then ship them in in pieces? Now your cutting up a classic to fit in a wrong engine.

    Tox Of OzTox Of Ozپیش سال
  • You also had the Ford Sierra and Sierra cosworth at the same time 🤘

    stewart lindsay-macaloneystewart lindsay-macaloneyپیش سال
  • Turbo Yoda is possibly the most boring person in IRcloud... He's smart and talented, but shouldn't be featured in any video

    Joshua DeversJoshua Deversپیش سال
  • What is the light??? What??

    Joshua DeversJoshua Deversپیش سال
  • Isn't that car worth 100k stock?

    way2dumbway2dumbپیش سال
  • i know im a bit late...it stands for "race breed"

    vinavinaپیش سال
  • Last time I seen 1 of them it was in 2 halve back half was in a field the front round a tree it had snap in half on impact of the dirty great tree it hit

  • Why do V8s not exist for you guys?

    Aidan MorrisAidan Morrisپیش سال
  • boost a golf mk1

    Stuart WillemseStuart Willemseپیش سال
  • No doubt you will leave it outside for a day and you will come back and the floorboard falls out due to it rotting so much that’s why the guy had it in his shed 😂

    Ben acuna1571Ben acuna1571پیش سال
  • Benz had 4-matic w124 models in the 80s too

    Mike BazMike Bazپیش سال
  • If only it was the r26b not the RB26 #4rotorgod

    Bob FredricksBob Fredricksپیش سال
  • fun fact, this chassis and engine are one of the very best car you can build in forza horizon. get a full skyline drive train into that thing and it'll be an absolute monster

    SlCKB0YSlCKB0Yپیش سال
  • I'm catching up on my history. IRcloud channels that is.

    PMPPMPپیش سال
  • Wow I love the 240z. What a legend. Next trip Japan to find someones rusting old one for import to UK. Wonder what that will cost? Any advise appreciated

  • 240 BLK.W/ Rebello Stroker Kit is MY Suggestion,OOPS ,See U've Already Decided.

    Ed CainEd Cainپیش سال
  • I'm confused, why does he keep talking about the 80's although the RB26 was used in the R34?

    NeoCat1993NeoCat1993پیش سال
  • 2jz...enough said!!!!!!

    Killentime67Killentime67پیش سال
  • Isn’t it a 260z? The tail lights certainly indicate this.

    Donald RidleyDonald Ridleyپیش سال
  • Wow and i thought california is a Nanny State. I didnt known Australia was so anal over 40+ year old vehicles.

    nsrracing1nsrracing1پیش سال
  • "It brakes well" "There's no brakes"

    Loris FoucartLoris Foucartپیش سال
  • ircloud.info/get/fy-lm-h-y/q2vYooF8qp13nqI.html

    Build UnknownBuild Unknownپیش سال
  • One of the most iconic JDM cars of all time powered by one of the most iconic JDM engines of all time! But, this may be a 260Z instead of a 240Z.

    lm240speczlm240speczپیش سال
  • 240 "Zed" What

    Shark PartyerShark Partyerپیش سال
  • Wouldn't you leave the oil water transfer modine in AND use a thermostat controlled oil cooler so the fluids heat up quickly and get off of cold Start map?

    Mark CrayMark Crayپیش سال
  • Datsun 510

    anakin king-hillanakin king-hillپیش سال
  • subaru xt6 in late 80s had awd

    Dark Asylumn XIDark Asylumn XIپیش سال
  • That's a 260z. Great vids.

    Justin POUPLIERJustin POUPLIERپیش سال
  • Ibiza light lmao!!!

    j sanchezj sanchezپیش سال
  • Rb means race block

    Leo SaundersLeo Saundersپیش سال
  • Reffering to what he said at 20:03. Mercedes had the same diff/sump system in the w124 chassi with 4matic (4wd)

    Thomas GundersenThomas Gundersenپیش سال
  • wot? no Barra?

    Russell JohnsRussell Johnsپیش سال
  • Needed a rb30

    Jack CottonJack Cottonپیش سال
  • how much did you buy it for

    Sugarkiler21 gamingSugarkiler21 gamingپیش سال
  • Well at the rate people are ruining S30s, my original engined 240 should climb in value. It's more fun to rev up an L24 with triples etc..

    415 s30415 s30پیش سال
  • I should be working on my Integra but here I am🙄

    Gary NewGary Newپیش سال
  • u guys need a bigger garage boys

  • google said, RB means Race Breed.

    Martin RushMartin Rushپیش سال
  • we put small block chevy motors in the 240-260 chassis.

    psychobabblerlspsychobabblerlsپیش سال
  • This is my favorite car of yours ever. They are soo hard to get regardless of condition where I live.

    hanse81hanse81پیش سال
  • where did you guys order the mirror from ?

    50LOT50LOTپیش سال
  • Ways the name of the song

    Ramiz EbrahimRamiz Ebrahimپیش سال
  • These guys sound like idiots. Trash video.

    Michael PriceMichael Priceپیش سال
  • Wow now thats a jdm legend. Love it guys

    mark villarinmark villarinپیش سال
  • surely just using a 25det would save so much effort and be way cheaper, being more common, simpler and already rwd

    Max NealeMax Nealeپیش سال
  • Those rules about "asbestos" are invented by jerks we all vote on?

    ravscinravscinپیش سال
  • I had to watch the beefalight (I honestly don't know what exactly they are seein) bit 4 times before I kinda understood what they were saying

    JackThatMonkeyJackThatMonkeyپیش سال
  • i got one like that in the side of my house its just stiiting and getting more rust

    This is mineThis is mineپیش سال
  • RB makes sense as well, as it B stands for Benzine which is Petrol in several languages

    vspetkovvspetkovپیش سال
  • dude I can't find a good one from Japan

    Yue wotYue wotپیش سال
  • Why not sell the gtr engine for lot of money and save it. And use the Aussie rb30 block cheap as chips bigger stroke then rb26 head.....

    Aaron HarrisAaron Harrisپیش سال
  • That car deserved better..

    Michael HarperMichael Harperپیش سال
  • rb is бензин witch means petrol :D

    Gabriel PalevGabriel Palevپیش سال
  • I would've put an LS in it.

    Rubi JoyalRubi Joyalپیش سال
  • Have you guys seen hoonigans S15 conversion to Larry Chens's 240Z

    John McLachlanJohn McLachlanپیش سال
  • RB stands for Race Bred 👊

    EllbeasteoEllbeasteoپیش سال
  • Anyone know the song from 14:51 please ?

    PhysicalPhysicalپیش سال
  • Removing the front end for access, test fitting the engine and gearbox several times, custom fabrication of mounts and brackets, cutting a portion of the sump, all that was missing was the funk

    Jim GuppyJim Guppyپیش سال