Return of the Evo 9 (to the Dyno)

2019 14 مه
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The Evo 9 has had it's fair share of issues, today we get it onto the Dyno for a tune with it's shiny new ECU.


All the Haltech gear we used here:

Special thanks to Scott \u0026 Dave.

Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

  • imagine trying to tune a car and having assholes panicking the instant the car doesn't work or every time u change something.Also explaining everything you do constantly.Let the man do his job.

    Filip ;;Filip ;;پیش ماه
  • In a few years it will be Marty's lambo vs moog's ferrari

    D PD Pپیش 5 ماه
  • Good tuner, didn’t smash to much boost in down low and fed it on progressively just goes to show it’s not all about the number all About how it comes on Etc, great technical lessons in this vid

    Con PoulosCon Poulosپیش 6 ماه
  • that single ecu for multiple cars is a genius idea could take the ecu with you as an anti theft 0_0

    Sean WellsyaknowSean Wellsyaknowپیش 6 ماه
  • why is the battery moving around in the engine bay, and not fitting shit tightly, pcv Clamp wasn't tight, dude!! Marty doesn't know how to take care of an evo.

    TjayEvo10TjayEvo10پیش 6 ماه
  • Keep Chopping Mr Ball Bags

    Dale FlesherDale Flesherپیش 8 ماه
  • When converting ECU like this, I must ask about the total system in the car. It seems like the EVO are pretty nice to convert, but doesnt some other systems have things in ECU like ABS, SRS, Alarm, antitheft, ASP, speedcontrol, and loads of other things? How to get around that? Does Haltech ECU support it? Like in te Volvo 850 I have there are 3 boxes, 1 for ABS, 1 for Automatic and 1 for the engine, that might be pretty ok to change to another ECU like this. but other cars does not have several boxes like that, what I have seen. How to work around that if so?

    Patrik MarkebroPatrik Markebroپیش 8 ماه
  • Nobody: ... This guy: That's pretty cool

    Harry DonnellyHarry Donnellyپیش 8 ماه
  • music at 15.54 please

    Jamie cJamie cپیش 11 ماه
  • Page up, page up, page up ! 😄

    Andrew PhilpottAndrew Philpottپیش سال
  • So evo’s aren’t reliable.

    300zxdriver300zxdriverپیش سال
  • anyone know the track ID at 13:09 ? cheers

    50undman50undmanپیش سال
  • does anybody know the name of the audio track on this video, love the blue 9 btw. chop that golf nugget martin :D

    Craig CottonCraig Cottonپیش سال
  • Can't really think kw/cylinder. Basically all the power is in every stroke. The other 3 cylinders (in a 4) ensure that power is more evenly applied and not just once per crank rotation Otherwise all four would fire at the same time.

    DuBEuSDuBEuSپیش سال
  • What watch face is that on your Fenix?

    Rob RockatanskyRob Rockatanskyپیش سال
  • BallBag

    lawrence loughranlawrence loughranپیش سال
  • love the evo over a golf any day must admit sound of VR6 sounds great

    CAMS GraphicsCAMS Graphicsپیش سال
  • I'm happy to see it healthy and you guys smiling. ^^

    killercivic2001killercivic2001پیش سال
  • I would have left the tune where you had it @28:00. you lost power down low to gain some on the top. I would take that power band over what it ended up as.

    Chris KlineChris Klineپیش سال
  • fix that number plate light.

    Armin PrnjavoracArmin Prnjavoracپیش سال
  • Did they briefly mention the Haltech elite ?

    Damare KonayaroDamare Konayaroپیش سال
  • Those wheels are litterally perfect

    parptarfparptarfپیش سال
  • 26:17 So much pressure it blew its load. That why car should be balled BLUE BALLER

    B CB Cپیش سال
  • Watched this second time, i really need to say this. The problem free drive, ten minutes later, ahh the pipe broke from the intercooler. :D :D :D btw i really love evos, so happy that you made it.

    KRLEYKRLEYپیش سال
  • Do you guys hairspray the inside of your silicone couplers? I've never blown off a coupler but I've also never tried running them without extra strength unscented hairspray. It basically acts as glue, might solve the problem.

    James JohnsonJames Johnsonپیش سال
  • Is that the evo 9 series 2

    ahmed Ayadahmed Ayadپیش سال
  • GALANT VR4. 6A13TT. What's your Opinion fella's?????? I have fully restored/rebuilt it and beginning Mods. #Money Pit. .Worth it???

    WatsonWatsonپیش سال
  • You're a legend Dave

    Fixx GamingFixx Gamingپیش سال
  • Stop clicking. Just plug and lets play lol

    Nick StarzNick Starzپیش سال
  • From a master UK mechanic and diagnostic technician of 35 years you are doing a great job with the evo it should bring out mass's of power and it will take it lap it up like a dog on heat one thing though once you have tuneded it to the haltech ecu there is no way you should then run it on the factory ecu it will run like a bag of crap and probably burn out some of the haltech sensors the only good thing about the wiring harness is ease of use and for when you come to sell it so you can keep all the good stuff and put the factory sensors back on, besides that you guys are golden you do give a lot of good advice to amature car builders keep it coming lads all the best from john from Rugby warwickshire UK

    john kindonjohn kindonپیش سال
  • Marty your EVO is epic! But please get some white coloured bulbs in your headlights. LED's / Xenon's, anything to get rid of that pissy yellow halogen colour.

    The English TruckerThe English Truckerپیش سال
  • I thought you guys were gona test the stock valve to see If there was a difference ? Did I miss that part? I watched in sections.

    hondacivick20hondacivick20پیش سال
  • can u give me the car lol xD

    Fs0c1ety_BSFs0c1ety_BSپیش سال
  • Could have just bought a COP kit (coil on plug)

    Vodka VisionVodka Visionپیش سال
  • 11:25 "Double clutching like you should" 😂😂😂

    caleb smallcaleb smallپیش سال
  • Really enjoy all your videos. Learn a lot.

    S R BlythS R Blythپیش سال
  • I want my 2 Kilowatts!

    John GagnonJohn Gagnonپیش سال
  • 19:02 casual meth reference

    Mr.LolzMr.Lolzپیش سال
  • Intercooler spray, what?

    soklotsoklotپیش سال
  • serious marty acts so needy lol WTF DO YOU EXPECT FROM THE CHEAPEST HOMOBIEL YOU COULD FIND ON THE INTERNET! REAL PERFORMANCE POWER IS RARE DUDE! IT DOESNT COME CHEAP LMAO edit and MOOG doesnt know fuckall about cars you ffin poser ;)

  • not quite sure what happened to the "imminent" battle? I was assuiming they would have a re-match on the track.

    Nebbia affaraccimieiNebbia affaraccimieiپیش 2 سال
  • Haltech, legends

    FGIALC GorgeFGIALC Gorgeپیش 2 سال
  • The ignition coils are Nissan for Evo?

    Carlos RodriguezCarlos Rodriguezپیش 2 سال
  • With a 4 wheel drive system you always loose more power than a 2WD. So if you are putting the same number on the dyno, then actually the engine is making more power than the 2WD engine.

  • Just lost my shit when he said the new update could do rev matching automatically for downshifts lol. Insane....

    Chris WeaverChris Weaverپیش 2 سال
  • Just get at it

    Allan MoultonAllan Moultonپیش 2 سال
  • Song @ 15:00?

    InboundsspiderInboundsspiderپیش 2 سال
  • I love the idea of a backpack ECU, cracked it at that part.

    Robert PapworthRobert Papworthپیش 2 سال
  • His max HP is the same as the time of the video :o

    Stuart MStuart Mپیش 2 سال
  • Evo for the win! checkout this cool Evo 4g63 build on Instagram @projekt_gspec :P you shuld also build a new 4g63!

    Viktor GustafssonViktor Gustafssonپیش 2 سال
  • Evo ftw

    Francis The InvestorFrancis The Investorپیش 2 سال
  • best model ever did to an EVO 9 was a master brake cylinder brace - literally night and day difference on break feel and Performance

    Mossy StoneMossy Stoneپیش 2 سال
  • Two more Kilowatts!!!

    Michael StrasserMichael Strasserپیش 2 سال
  • You guys need a pocket knife XD

    gravityzegravityzeپیش 2 سال
  • Please do a turbo yaris

    Henry van der VossenHenry van der Vossenپیش 2 سال
  • two words... EVO WAGON!

    dirty bastarddirty bastardپیش 2 سال
  • Please for the love of god get a proper pocket knife to unbox packages, your driving me crazy.

    Maghnus mac an GhabhannMaghnus mac an Ghabhannپیش 2 سال
  • Hi guys,you have tested alot of theorys .have you done a spark plug pointing the electrode of plug towards inlet valves using washers and runing xtra earth cables to head studs next to plug for improved spark and ignition of fuel.i did this on my old mini 1275 a series, started better but moter was tired

    Corie HartCorie Hartپیش 2 سال
  • Marty's shirt.. still misses his blue turd..

    bobo chanbobo chanپیش 2 سال
  • Keen to see that battle!!

    Inside GarageInside Garageپیش 2 سال
  • He said at the start of this video the golf r is 280kw at the wheels which is 380hp. I thought after all the Revo upgrades it was almost 500hp

    Keith AddisonKeith Addisonپیش 2 سال
  • He said at the start of this video the golf r is 280kw at the wheels which is 380hp. I thought after all the Revo upgrades it was almost 500hp

    Keith AddisonKeith Addisonپیش 2 سال
  • 2 more kilowatts

    speedsterspeedsterپیش 2 سال
  • Neat trick for silicon hoses spray hair spray on it when fitting it bonds so well you will have trouble getting it off

    Drew AtkinsDrew Atkinsپیش 2 سال
  • Can u do something that all your viewers can relate to and not doing up golf r and shiitake that do a few caddys and vans please

    Stuart TerrettStuart Terrettپیش 2 سال
  • Marty, check on Norris Designs in the UK. They build crazy Evos. Simon Norris the owner has a wild 2 door, short wheel base, evo for time attack. Seriously worth a look!

    mickthorpemickthorpeپیش 2 سال
  • Golf chopping machine

    DimDimپیش 2 سال
  • Tuning fork is a friggen genius!, and Dave is a top bloke as well!

    spadgmspadgmپیش 2 سال
  • Popping cooler pipes? You need hairspray and the clamp you replaced are a lot better your literally in the same power I’m on with my speed 3 I’m at 367hp and 347tq but awd and fwd is a big difference

    MazDaspeedGMazDaspeedGپیش 2 سال
  • A new golf vs an old evo?....why not the evo 10?like for like. Golf fan boys ....when did a golf get a 2 litre engine with been doing it for vw till 2014 to do it..ive got a 1995 standard old evo 3 on 270bhp and it kills new golf gti and s3 all day ....evos forever.

    SARACEN77SARACEN77پیش 2 سال
  • Good luck selling a modded car without an ecu! "Yea it's been tuned, full rebuild no receipts honest g''

    4wdgtr4wdgtrپیش 2 سال
  • Turning into the Haltech Shopping Network

    PaulPaulپیش 2 سال
  • Why throw the original ECU to bin if you plan not leaving Haltech to the car for good :)

    Atte NohkolaAtte Nohkolaپیش 2 سال
  • Name a better Duo

    Junior HopiniJunior Hopiniپیش 2 سال
  • Haha, 2 KW under, NOT GOOD ENOUGH, 11 KW over? Perfect!

    Harry HargerHarry Hargerپیش 2 سال
  • LOL: ..."Two kilowatts [Upwards inflection]... Jesususususususus [further upwards inflection]." Love Scotty.

    Harry HargerHarry Hargerپیش 2 سال
  • Damn it, now I want to buy an Evo too.

    Harry HargerHarry Hargerپیش 2 سال
  • Dragon glass programming always spools up the Valerian steel turbos nicely.

    Rob CoffenRob Coffenپیش 2 سال
  • 29:11 - Marty: if you think this is the number dude, this is the number. Scotty - uh well you gotta, u know... Such a good response

    SaucyboiSaucyboiپیش 2 سال
    • I think you can hear Scotty torn between chasing big numbers, and knowing the car doesn't want to chase that number, yet! But good on him for not pushing it.

      Harry HargerHarry Hargerپیش 2 سال
  • MOOG is lowkey a HUGE nerd. Admit it. We all know it by now. :D

    Schmidt54Schmidt54پیش 2 سال
  • But will hit have missufiringu ssystemu?

    Schmidt54Schmidt54پیش 2 سال
  • Marty to Scotty, "I'ld believe you if you say it man!" "If you think this is the number dude, then this is THE number" Marty's absolute BLIND FAITH and TRUST in Scotty!

    Thaddeus GanThaddeus Ganپیش 2 سال
  • Jesus Moog the audio levels.

    spookanidespookanideپیش 2 سال
  • Good luck Marty!

    Thomas LuggieroThomas Luggieroپیش 2 سال
  • You guys need to do an actual Subaru wrx build

    KillJoY GamingKillJoY Gamingپیش 2 سال
  • Why haven’t these guys got a tv show?

    Life of KyleLife of Kyleپیش 2 سال
  • I was worried about the extra power on my Mercedes AMG engine being tuned up too high, but after seeing a 2.0 4 banger Mitsubishi engine (which I have owned and know how unreliable they are) put up 385HP, i'm not as concerned about my Twin Turbo 3.0 V6 putting down 430 AWD HP and 530 AWD TQ

    LeadBlastin22LeadBlastin22پیش 2 سال
  • Micheal Bolton easy dub

    MaZuMaZuپیش 2 سال
  • It looks like you are installing the ic to open the loop

    LÂM DCLÂM DCپیش 2 سال
  • Great, I have the same job as you. You can view and comment on my channel

    LÂM DCLÂM DCپیش 2 سال
  • Rake loves this.

    Andrew BinghamAndrew Binghamپیش 2 سال
  • i want an evo 9 so bad

    Clutch1986Clutch1986پیش 2 سال
  • Where's the misfiringu systemu ?

  • Too rich for my blood

    Gordy KilcollinsGordy Kilcollinsپیش 2 سال
  • ***YES***

    LuXarLuXarپیش 2 سال
  • If you guys want to plan a trip you can thrash my sr20det s14.

    Jordan RouseJordan Rouseپیش 2 سال
    • I’m in nz

      Jordan RouseJordan Rouseپیش 2 سال
  • I'd like to see an overlay of the golf and the evo graphs on top of each other because peak figures only tell half the story

    Scott ShipleyScott Shipleyپیش 2 سال
  • Supra build Easter egg?!

    ethan6770ethan6770پیش 2 سال
  • get a tesla

    eclogiteseclogitesپیش 2 سال
  • Real men drive V8's!

    PeteLeePeteLeeپیش 2 سال
    • Real men doesn't need the configuration of cylinders in their car to tell everybody how much of a "real man" they are. But there is a word for that. It's called compensating.

      Anders HøifødtAnders Høifødtپیش 2 سال